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Advanced Language Practice - U912-311
A fourth-year composition and grammar course, emphasizing grammatical subtleties, translation, and original composition. You will consider lexical items and their subtleties, as drawn from short literary texts.
Provided By: UW-Extension

American Indian Literature - U350-269
Fiction, prose, and poetry of America's original inhabitants. You will read works that explore our relationship to nature, the struggle between old traditions and new ways, American history, the family,...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Elementary Latin I - U524-103
An introductory look at Latin. You will acquire a sufficient foundation for reading Caesar. The course emphasizes reading ability.
Provided By: UW-Extension

Elementary Latin II - U524-104
A continuation of Latin 103. You will do readings and translation, using a passage adapted from Petronius's Satyricon. Special attention is paid to historical background and to exercises in grammar...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Elementary Survey of Spanish Literature: 19th and 20th Centuries - U912-324
The principal movements in Spanish literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You will explore works and authors of romanticism, costumbrismo, realism and naturalism, modernismo and the "Generation of 1898,"...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Ernest Hemingway - U350-431
Two of Hemingway's greatest novels, The Sun Also Rises and The Old Man and the Sea, and a selection of short stories. You will consider the controversial Hemingway code of...
Provided By: UW-Extension

First Semester Greek - U428-103
First semester course in classical Greek. In this reading-intensive introduction to Greek grammar, syntax, and culture, you will cover the basic essentials of Greek grammar, including all declensions of the...
Provided By: UW-Extension

General Physics II - U754-104
A traditional, non-calculus-based, second semester physics course in three modules. You will study electric forces and electric fields, electrical energy and capacitance, current and resistance, direct-current circuits, magnetism, induced voltage...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Intermediate French Language and Culture - U400-227
Teaches written skills in French by using key vocabulary and expressions in compositions and reviewing essential grammatical structures. Also develops cultural knowledge of France through short literary and cultural selections...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Intermediate Latin - U524-203
Third semester of university Latin. Using the Oxford Latin Course reader, you will continue the work in basic Latin syntax and style begun in Latin 103 and 104. While exploring...
Provided By: UW-Extension

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