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Abnormal Psychology - U820-461
Review of the historical backgrounds of psychology, as well as its current perspectives, theories, and research methods. Consider various mental and personality disorders (including depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and psychopathic...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Advanced Language Practice - U912-311
A fourth-year composition and grammar course, emphasizing grammatical subtleties, translation, and original composition. You will consider lexical items and their subtleties, as drawn from short literary texts.
Provided By: UW-Extension

American Indian Literature - U350-269
Fiction, prose, and poetry of America's original inhabitants. You will read works that explore our relationship to nature, the struggle between old traditions and new ways, American history, the family,...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Appreciation and History of Music - U660-101
Music from a historical perspective. You will learn about composers, their works, and the periods of history in which they lived, from the Middle Ages through the twentieth century. Writing...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Calculus and Analytic Geometry I - U3600-221
Major topics include analytic geometry, functions, limits and continuity, the derivative, integrals, techniques and applications of differentiation, applications of integration, logarithmic and exponential functions, and trigonometric and hyperbolic functions.Access to...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Calculus and Analytic Geometry II - U3600-222
A continuation of 221. The major topics are techniques of integration, polar coordinates, conic sections, infinite series, and vectors of two and three dimensions.Access to MathXL can be purchased at...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Calculus and Analytic Geometry III - U3600-223
A continuation of 222. The major topics are analytic geometry of three dimensions, functions of several variables, partial differentiation, multiple integration, and an introduction to differential equations. Access to MathXL...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Child Psychology - U820-560
Psychological development of the child to early adolescence. Learning principles you will consider include motor, language, cognition, emotion, and social development.
Provided By: UW-Extension

Children's Literature - U272-649
Basic concepts of children's literature, as found in a wide selection of children's books. You will select, read, and analyze books for age levels from early childhood to adolescence. You...
Provided By: UW-Extension

Classical Mythology - U244-370
The Greeks were a great mythopoeic people, in dramatic contrast to the Romans, who contributed to classical myth largely by adapting and revising the Greek heritage to fit in with...
Provided By: UW-Extension

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