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AD LDSP 757(657): Principles and Foundations of Adult Education - 19574
A study of concepts, theories and principles of adult education, the nature of adult processes, and factors that influence and facilitate adult learning.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-581: Administration and Supervision in Early Childhood Programs - 24267
Analyzes, from a quality perspective, the administrative roles and responsibilities of various early care and education programs, and the groups with whom they have relationships.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-591: Early Childhood Leadership: The Personal Disposition of a Leader - 25076
Leadership definitions and skills and the role of vision, emotional intelligence, resilience, optimism and reflective practice for successful early childhood leaders.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-605: Survey of Human Resource Development - 23710
Introduction to human resource development theories, principles, concepts, and practices.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-667: Program Planning in Adult Education - 22255
Principles and processes affecting programming of adult education. Focus on planning, execution, and evaluation dimensions of the programming process.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-687: Instructional Design and Teaching Strategies - 22323
Using an instructional design approach, students develop skills in selecting, using, and evaluating instructional strategies and procedures appropriate to particular domains of adult learning.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-702: Leadership in Educational Organizations - 24262
Governance, social, political, and economic influences; theories of organizations and organizational behavior related to the administration of elementary and secondary schools.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-703: Resources for Self-directed Learning - 23783
Resources for self-directed learning to help students succeed in online courses and programs.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-708: Online Support Services in Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education - 22328
Assessment of trends, theory, and research for online student support; development of a plan for an online student support program.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

AD LDSP-709: Introduction to Higher Education Administration - 23793
Contemporary issues of higher education focusing on historical, philosophical and sociological forces that affect higher education from an administrative perspective.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

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