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COUNS-774: Trauma Counseling I: Theory and Research - 25039
Seminar examining impact of trauma experience on individuals, groups and communities following a catastrophic event. Explores traumatic events, mental injuries and impact on memory, learning, physical health, and dysfunctional behavior.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COUNS-775: Trauma Counseling II: Diagnosis and Treatment - 25040
Seminar on diagnosis and assessment instruments as well as intervention and therapeutic techniques used to address trauma issues in counseling acute and chronic traumatized clients.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COUNS-812: Clinical Studies in Counseling - 25034
Problem behaviors that clients bring to the counseling situation; typical behaviors; techniques by which counselors deal with those behaviors. Emphasis on case material.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COUNS-816: Counseling Children and Adolescents - 25035
This course will describe various counseling issues and strategies applicable to working with children and adolescents in both school and community settings.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COUNS-904: Family Systems Theory, Research, and Practice - 24996
Introduction to systems theory, major approaches to family therapy, and the research on family systems concepts, in-session processes, and therapy outcomes.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

Development of Young Child - 362
This course provides a basic foundation for understanding development from conception through middle childhood. Content includes theoretical foundations, research findings, and practical applications.
Provided by: UW-Madison