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A political, social, and cultural history of the Vietnamese and American dimensions of the war in Vietnam. - 26039
A political, social, and cultural history of the Vietnamese and American dimensions of the war in Vietnam.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

CRM JST-110: Introduction to Criminal Justice - 25483
Survey of the present structure, philosophy, procedures, future prospects of police, courts, corrections, and of the penal system in American society.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

CRM JST-271: Police Process - 22632
An interdisciplinary analysis of the role of police in a democratic society; emphasis on historical development of police institution, cultural attributes, accountability, occupational socialization, police-behavior, and selected current issues.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

CRM JST-291: Current Issues in Criminal Justice - 26168
Selected current issues in criminal justice.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

PH-101: Introduction to Public Health - 66927
Introduction to the history, science and philosophy of Public Health including scientific research, policy development and health education.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

PSYCH-682: The Aging Brain - 25164
Counts as repeat of Psych 611 with same topic.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

SOC WRK-100: Introduction to Social Work - 66726
A survey course focused on the development of human service institutions and occupations.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

SOC WRK-662: Methods of Social Welfare Research - 66696
Analyze methods of social welfare research and problems in project design and programming. Characteristics of investigations directed to planning, administrative, practice, and scientific objectives.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

SOC WRK-705: Individual Behavior and Social Welfare - 66699
The development and behavior of individuals in interaction with their social contexts; implications for social welfare.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

SOC WRK-774: Trauma Counseling I: Theory and Research - 66869
Seminar examining impact of trauma experience on individuals, groups and communities following a catastrophic event. Explores traumatic events, mental injuries and impact on memory, learning, physical health and dysfunctional behavior.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

11 courses

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