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Abnormal Psychology - U820-461
Review of the historical backgrounds of psychology, as well as its current perspectives, theories, and research methods. Consider various mental and personality disorders (including depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and psychopathic...
Provided By: UW-Extension

CRM JST-480: Criminal Evidence and Investigation - 25174
Examination of the criminal investigation process with emphasis on theory of investigation, role of criminal evidence, and effectiveness of the process.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

CRM JST-671: Juvenile Justice - 24841
Structure of juvenile justice system -- police, courts, and corrections; analysis of structure of subsystems of the juvenile justice process; introduction to literature and research.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

CRM JST-970: Readings in Criminal Justice Research - 25176
Variable content research oriented course involving systematic analysis and investigation of criminal justice topics.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

CURRINS-543: Developing Biliteracy - 25187
Stresses the practical application of theory and research on language development in a bilingual setting. The development of primary language skills is emphasized
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

CURRINS-545: Reading in the Content Areas: Middle, Junior, and Senior High School - 25782
Survey of reading process and developmental reading in the middle, junior, and senior high school. Emphasis on application of instructional techniques relating the use of reading within subject matter fields.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

Child Psychology - U820-560
Psychological development of the child to early adolescence. Learning principles you will consider include motor, language, cognition, emotion, and social development.
Provided By: UW-Extension

Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity - U156-104
A cross-cultural perspective of human cultures and the methods used by anthropologists to understand them. After studying the origins of human culture and learning the fundamental concepts and definitions used...
Provided By: UW-Extension

ECON-110: Economics of Personal Financ - 25953
Economics of personal financial management; development of successful financial skills; activity-based course with assignments emphasizing students' individual situations.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

ECON-301: Intermediate Microeconomics - 25956
Contemporary theory of consumption, production, pricing, resource allocation, and distribution.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

97 courses

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