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COMPSCI-150: Survey of Computer Science - 25229
A survey of computer science. Topics include data storage and manipulation, operating systems and networks, algorithms and data structures, programming languages, artificial intelligence, and computability.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COMPSCI-250: Introductory Computer Programming - 22150
Problem solving with structured programming techniques using an object-oriented programming language, including control structure, functions, arrays, vectors, and pre-defined objects.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COMPSCI-657: Topics in Computer Science - 25516
Lectures on recent advances in computer science.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COMPSCI-700: CEAS Graduate Seminar - 23980
Seminar in professional ethics, oral and written communication, contemporary social issues, career development, time management, and laboratory safety.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COMPSCI-790: Advanced Topics in Computer Science - 25514
Discussion of special advanced topics in theoretical as well as applied areas in computer science.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COMPST-701: Mathematical & Computing Fundamentals for IT Professionals - 25525
Introductory discussion of logic and reasoning techniques, discrete structures, combinatorics, probability, and their applications to IT.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

COMSDIS-240: Normal Speech and Language Development - 24731
Intensive study of children's speech and language acquisition and research techniques for investigating children's speech and language behavior. Interrelationship with other development areas also discussed.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

INFOST 511(L&I SCI 531): Organization of Information - 25903
Introduction to basic concepts in the theoretical, practical, and technological aspects of information organization.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

INFOST 644(L&I SCI 690): School Library Practicum - 21148
Field experience of 210 hours in elementary and secondary school library media services under faculty and field supervisor guidance.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

INFOST 646(L&I SCI 658): Library Materials for Young Adults - 25907
Criteria for evaluation and selection of materials for young adults, emphasizing current resources, techniques of reading guidance and book talks.
Provided by: UW-Milwaukee

80 courses

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